Greetings Massive!!! Translation? Hello everyone!!! And welcome to my podcast, Conversations with me, a Random Knowbody. Now I know you're wondering why I chose to call myself a Random Knowbody and that's pretty understandable. I know that you guys love me and care about me and you're like Trisha, you are somebody! What are you talking about? And you're right, I am somebody! But there was a day, I was scrolling on social media and I was on the page of a celebrity. I forget what he posted about but I left a comment. And as I left my comment I was like “dang” I really hope he responds because I'd love to actually have you know a conversation about the topic. Now I didn't sit around waiting for a response no, I do have a life… kinda… but eventually I realized that he never responded. That was OK because to him, I wasn't really anyone important. I wasn't you know, someone of his stature meaning I wasn't a celebrity. To him I was just another Random Knowbody.


That's basically where I got the phrase from and I'm going to go into detail, more detail about that in my first episode but this is a trailer and I want to give you guys the gist of what you're getting into by downloading and subscribing to my podcast. So basically, I just wanted to create a space where everyone's opinion everyone's thoughts would be respected and have conversations about random things. I know that with starting a podcast, starting a YouTube channel starting anything you have to focus on something specific. You shouldn't really be all over the place…damn it I'm trying! I'm trying to I tried to kind of narrow it down to something but I don't know, I can't just pick one thing because one day I may want to talk about “Oh yeah you know I'm a vegan” the next day I want to talk about “oh this race is coming up I love running” or a book I just read or what happened in the news lately I want to talk about any and everything because I'm a person that just enjoys learning I enjoy you know being open minded and taking in new information. I love researching and I’m actually in school pursuing a degree in Human Development and Family Studies because I just love helping people. I love being in school it's weird people are like “you enjoy writing papers? you enjoy…?” yes I really do and I think it's because when I was in high school I really didn't take it serious so I didn't take advantage of what was being taught to me but now it's like “wow, I really enjoy learning”.


So that's pretty much why I want to start a podcast because I want to be able to have conversations with people that I normally wouldn't talk to but I'm still able to learn from them. Another reason was because there are so many dope people out there doing amazing things that you know people don't know about because they are not of a celebrity status they don't have long titles you know that follow their names or you know they're just regular. Regular like me and you regular degular Random Knowbodies.


I don't want you to miss understand me when I talk about titles because I respect people that have titles I am inspired by those that have achieved so much…you know through college grad school all of that and I aspire myself to be like that that's why I re-enrolled into school to finish what I didn't get to finish when you know life showed up for me. I started a family and things like that but now I'm back in school and that's a goal that I'm going to achieve as well. But not having a title or not having a degree has held me back from doing things that I really wanted to I felt unworthy or unable to enter certain arenas because I didn't have a degree or I didn't have a title. I know that's ridiculous you know as I thought about it over the years and after I shut myself down from pursuing certain things. It’s likeTrisha seriously…ou can't keep holding off what you want to pursue because you don't have a title because you don't have this because you don't have that, I think that's why Random Knowbody sticks out to me again so much because words, titles and status? That doesn't make you who you are, you make you who you are and that's what I'm doing now. I'm pursuing my dream of having this podcast I'm putting me first and you know I'm just going to see where it takes me. I'm stepping out on faith and I'm you know I'm jumping as Steve Harvey says in one of his motivational speeches he says to jump, just jump and trust that whatever it is that you desire is going to work out for your good and that's what I'm doing.


That pretty much wraps up what my podcast is going to entail and what you can expect from me. My first episode is going to go deeper into you know introducing the podcast and all that good stuff so until next time people…


Walk Good. Translation? Be safe.

Episode 1…Introduction to Conversations with a Random Knowbody


Greetings massive…translation? Hello everyone!!!! And welcome, to Conversations with a Random Knowbody! I’m Trisha the host of this amazing podcast and before I go any further, if you are not aware of what the phrase Random Knowbody means, please check out my trailer if you haven’t already. I go into detail as in to what Random Knowbody means to me…Now this is my very 1st episode and it’ll basically be an introduction as to what you guys can expect. I’ll get into why I started this podcast, what I’m hoping to achieve with it and the different aspects there are to being a Random Knowbody.


So, I’m going to get right into it… I went, well I wouldn’t say back and forth with the idea of starting a podcast, because I didn’t really know which way I wanted to go with all the different ideas I had floating through my head. Did I want to write a book? Start a YouTube channel? Host IG Lives every now and then? I would often wonder, what could I do to make my ideas come to life? There were so many things I wanted to talk about and as I sit here now speaking into this Jeti mic that was given to me as a birthday present (thanks Lolli) I realize a podcast was the way to go. A podcast about random things. Although the topics would be random, the conversations would be real. Like I said before I put thought into writing several books but they never panned out and that’s because the topic of each book were, you guessed it…random. The first book I wanted to write would’ve been about my first marriage and my experiences with that. I wanted to write that one in hopes to help someone else in my same predicament do better…I had the perfect name for it and I still may release it one day…who knows. Then I wanted to write a book about me losing weight. I wanted to share with people what I did and how I did it, because I wanted to help them on their own journey. The last book I  wanted to write was a book about parenting and how we as parents could help our children achieve their highest potential. With a heavy focus on young African American males as they seem to more than often get the short end of the stick. However, I would start writing a chapter and never really take it anywhere…but a podcast? A podddddcast? With a podcast I could cover all of these topics and then some! And after listening to so many it never dawned on me that this would be the best way for me to go… Now you may not have even realized it, but  did you see, well hear the commonalties the reasons for me wanting to write a book share? Helping, I want to be able to help others in any way possible and I believe that through meaningful and insightful conversation about these random topics I will talk about this goal will be achieved. Now I don’t want to be misunderstood as if I have it all together when I say I want to  help  others because I plan on learning a lot myself. But if what I know and the knowledge that my future guests will share…collectively can help someone along their journey…then my Random Knowbodies the purpose of this podcast will be fulfilled.


Now I know you’re probably wondering where the phrase Random Knowbody came from well it was November 15, 2019 at approximately 8:45pm. I only know this because I wrote in the notes section of my phone and was able to reference it during the recording of this podcast because well let’s face it... My memory is not that great…well anyway I was scrolling on social media on the page of a pretty prominent radio show host in NYC. I forget what the post was actually about but whatever it was, it prompted me to leave a comment. As I left my comment I hoped he would actually respond to me because I really wanted to engage in conversation about what he’d posted about. Well, that never happened, he never responded and in all actuality, I don’t even know if he saw it and that is OK because to him I was just a random nobody. After that encounter well lack there of..I thought to myself how many people were out there like me who didn’t care about celebrity status or titles and all the degrees in the world, but enjoyed having conversations? Where were those that were fine with just being a regular degular…random nobody? Now although I loved the phrase I didn’t necessarily like that spelling of the word “nobody” because heck…I am somebody! So that is the main reason why I spell nobody the way I do and I LOVE it! Random Knowbody…and that’s Knowbody with a “K”…I’m gonna put that on a shirt!   Well anyway, With all that being said… I wanted to create a space where I could invite people in and have meaningful conversations with them…so here I am! And I know this is where I need to be!


Now lets talk about the different aspects of the term Random Knowbody and as of right now there are three. I might add more as we continue along with this podcast but for right now the three aspects are the Random Knowbodies that are like me…just regular degular conversationalists, then there are those persons that are doing amazing work and impacting their communities but often fly under the radar and and no one ever knows their names, and then there are just those Random Knowbodies that are dope individuals with dope stories!   


So, if you couldn’t tell by now I love seeing people be true to who they are…living and walking in their purpose while helping others along the way and those people are not always celebrities…they’re people like you and me…Random Knowbodies! With a “k” ofcourse.


So, that’s basically the gist of my podcast and I am looking forward to where it’s going to go and the amazing people it will uncover! Look out for the next episode. We’re going, and I am using the term “we” even though it’s just me here. Because although I am the host, this podcast, is not just mine, it’s yours as well because you never know when I’ll call on you to have a random conversation with me... We are in this together and I look forward to the memories we’ll make and the special moments we’ll have.


Well, this actually wraps up my very first episode of CWARK and I would like to thank you for sticking it out with me…whatever platform you’re using to listen to this podcast please make sure you’re subscribed so that when I release a new episode you’ll be notified. I will be releasing new episodes every Wednesday so make sure to add it to your calendar so you don’t forget…also, follow me on social media as well! I am @RandomKnowbodyPodcast on Instagram, @RandomKnowbody1 on Twitter but you can also email me at if you’re not a big social media user…well…until next time…walk good…translation…be safe!